Wednesday 18 March 2020

Giizhigaa'aandakaabo, Cedar tea

I just wanted to chime in real quick and just say how amazed I am at how quickly knowledge got out there.. my Facebook is FULL of amazing shares.
Three of the knowledge's that best support us through this and why:
Mshkikiiwaabo (Medicine Tea) We will talk about Cedar, Labrador and Chaga
Pkwenezagan (Smoke medicine)
Chewing different medicines like spruce gum or Wiikeh (sweet flag, ratroot, calamus)
Giizhigaa'aandakaabo, Cedar tea (eastern white cedar, Thuja occidentalis).
The most powerful of the three being good ol cedar tea. This is going to stimulate our lymphatic system which is absolutely crucial! Your lymphatic system is what is responsible for transporting important parts of your immune system. When your lymphatic system is stimulated, it is faster, more efficient and juss. rull. deadleh. lol
See how cedar looks exactly like what it is designed to heal!
Our bodies are a warzone!
What eventually kills the virus that will infect us are these little proteins called antibodies (think, bullets.) Obviously it would be nice to have more of these flyin around.. Antibodies are created and delivered by white blood cells called lymphocytes (think, soldier.) We know what happens when we have more soldiers right?
Someone drinking cedar tea will have, on average, 7X more lymphocytes, that's 7X more soldiers! Consequentially they will have much more antibodies, some studies indicate 300% more, thats 300% more bullets!! This in combination with a stimulated super-fast lymphatic transportation system.. Oh man! This is like going from travelling in Ontario in a rusty '04 subaru to 7 of you all having your own fighter jet! lol.. Our little soldiers are going to be able to travel around and cover so much more area, deliver so much more antibodies and severely increase our chances of and speed at which we dominate the virus.
IMO, Giizhigaa'aadakaabo, cedar tea, is the most powerful intervention our great lakes are able to provide.
Mshkiigobagawaabo, Labrador tea (and chaga)
Labrador tea
Labrador tea is great too, I mean, insulin inhibits, or turns off, so many different aspects of our immune system. Think of it this way, when you have insulin your immune system cant see, like no cell signal in thick fog or snow squall style, when it cant see or communicate but STILL knows you are sick it basically panics and throws out a ton of cytokines attracting neutophils and killer t cells that start killing EVERYthing even normal healthy cells. This is the point where you are so sick your immune system is quite literally killing you. not good. You need to keep things clear, 5 bars of signal and blue skies! Keeping insulin levels low is going to really increase our recovery time and decrease the severity of the infection. You have an insulin response after eating ANYthing, carbs and sugars will spike the highest levels of insulin, proteins and fats will cause a very minute insulin response. Labrador tea helps keep your immune system stay on and active! It gives you the ability to pee out extra sugar (SGL-1&2 inhibitor) gives your muscles the ability to gobble gobble up a ton of sugar, dramatically lowering the requirement of insulin (stimulating GLUT-3&4, AKT pathways) Labrador tea basically does so so soooo so many different things that leave your body in a state where it requires less insulin. Less insulin means your immune system is not sleeping all the time.. Chaga basically encourages the exact same dealio but through different mechanisms..
Processing chaga with the best
There are so many other ways to keep insulin levels low though, like you can have all the medicine in the world but if you on the couch still eatin pop, chips and pasta with weiners you gunna be in rough shape. Let me speak from my personal practices for a moment. For my work I have to be travelling and teaching all over the place, if I get sick, I am such a man-flu kinda guy.. I cant work! So what I did was a ton of research learning how to hack the system so I dont get sick, and when I do get sick I get better so fast I don't even feel it, This is how I keep my insulin levels LOW and keep them there: not eating. lol.. but for realz, Fasting, both prolonged and Intermittent fasting, best way to keep insulin levels low and when I do eat its once a day, one small insignificant little insulin spike (not 15) and eating foods that cause the least insulin, either ketogenic or carnivore.
A day In the life of though goes something like this: Black coffee in the morning, stretches and a 20min cold COLD shower, a ton of water filled with electrolytes, teach all day (now its cleaning) till 4 or 5pm break my fast with 45 minutes of intense cardio and a 30minute sauna that has to be 90 degrees Celsius or above have a ketogenic or carnivore meal, sleep 9hrs. Enough about me though..
Mild physical exercise is so important, simply walking and making sure we are moving consistently throughout the day has been keeping us sane, but also really lowering insulin levels keeping our immune system working in tip top shape. FYI our lymphatic system moves when we move, if we do not move our lymphatic system doesn't move. Stay away from intense physical exercise though. Upon infection you are going to want to be partitioning energy and nutrients to your immune system and not tissue repair.. make sense?
So basically just understand your recovery is going to be different if you are eating for health, moving throughout the day, drinking medicine teas. Dont lay around watchin news and netflix all day and slowly eating through a ton of processed apocalypse food.
Smoke medicine and chewing medicines!
Our smoke medicines and chewing medicines are super important as well. They are like CBSA.. barely let anyone through.. lol if there is less enemy in our bodies it is going to be a much easier battle. It is kind of funny how these work as well.. the main mechanism of smoke medicine and chewing medicines like wiikeh and spruce gum is they simply keep your nose, sinuses, throat, mouth and lungs wet! lol.. that is all. Viruses and bacteria have a hard time sticking to (infecting) something when they are wet.. so humidify those houses and mucus membranes.
Chewing Bigiiw
For chewing spruce gum, you gotta know whats up, you can't just go out and slap a big wad in and hope everything will be okay. Chewing bigiiw, spruce gum, spruce resin, is an art. Just like any other art it takes a massive amount of practice. If I could just quickly give a few general rules to follow that will help you get started at least on the right foot I would just say this: only, ONLY chew spruce gum that is crystallized, not soft. When you start chewing the crystallized your first few bites will be bitter spruce dust. Dont panic, or you will be in a world of pain and anger. Listen, if you spit it out now your mouth will be FULL of sticky nastiness that brushing wont take off. Don't spit the dust out. If you have come this far into the world of resin chewing understand that enzymes in your saliva will change certain components and that dust will start connecting back together. Use the spruce gum to grab all the little bits of spruce gum, this is the only way, again, brushing wont help, only trying again will help. After 30 seconds of chewing dust you should, I repeat SHOULD have something that resembles gum that is so satisfyingly hard to chew. Because this virus most effective transmission is via air, this is an amazing strategy to mitigate the potential for the virus to adhere, chewing this stuff you salivate a LOT!
For chewing Wiikeh, chill. You do not need to grab a massive piece of the dried root and just start munching.. chill. You do not need to have a cucumber sized piece in your mouth 24-7.. all you really need is a small piece, after it has rehydrated and is all swollen it should be about the size of a pea. This size you don't need to be actively chewing either, you can simply just let it sit in there throughout the day, i'll keep the same piece in for 4 hours sometimes!
A little fun fact.. if I had a lab approach me and gave me the opportunity to test ONE plant that is most likely to kill the virus it would have to be Gabaa'aagemish, sweet fern, Comptonia peregrina. Time and time again is has proven to us to be the most effective broad-spectrum virucidal! We have so many experiences with HFMD, viral exanthem, Fifths disease, so so many different respiratory infections.. also noteworthy: Impetigo (bacteria I know, juss sayin)
Beautiful delicious sweet fern tea
Making mshkikiiwaabo, medicine tea, is simple but just like everything else takes practice, follow these simple rules and you will have the most powerful intervention our great lakes have to offer!
A handful of cedar, labrador tea, goes into a pot of hot water, cover it, remove it from the heat and let it steep all night, let it cool off naturally. Golden rules: NEVER boil, if its too strong, use less, too weak? use more? It should look beautiful and be
absolutely delicious!! I have had an 18qt pot (Thanks auntie Barbara, lol) on my stove on "keep warm" of cedar tea everyday since this began. It usually stays there for around 3 days, generally by then I have drank most of it and it starts to get pretty strong, this is when I will retire the pot into the bathtub and my wife or daughter will have a nice (weak) cedar bath.
Following local harvesting protocols is incredibly valuable and important as well, ie. offerings.
What I think deserves less energy are attempts at killing the virus, best to prepare our bodies for the fight. We don't need to be hotboxing our houses so they look like a bingo hall in the 90's.. or be all slobbery chewing cucumber-size pieces of wiikehn.. downing bottles of echinacea, etc.. This is really about enjoying a delicious cup of medicine tea here and there throughout the day, prepping your body for a fight. Eat healthfully, keep insulin and inflammation levels low and stay moving!
A word on saftey:
Pregnancy: is an extremely sensitive time, I cannot and will not comment on any traditions engaged with throughout pregnancy. I will say this though my grandmother told me that throughout my wifes entire pregnancy she can NOT have ANYthing, and she is not to lift anything heavier than a textbook.
Medications: An extremely complex field and largely scientifically unexplored and therefore unsupported, I cannot and will not comment on any traditions engaged with while on medications.
As far as limits, I usually tell everyone to simply enjoy the tea and use your own discretion.. enjoy it! I mean, you will know if you are having a gallon a day for a month.. you know there is a problem, most people do not even drink a gallon of water a day!
But you guys know me, I like to push my boundaries a little, so what I will say though is I would definitely be weighing in on the pros and cons of the situation, again speaking from a personal space, given the lung conditions I live with, i'd rather have 'too much' cedar and possibly let my liver take a hit for this (short) amount of time than let this virus leave my lungs in worse condition that may last the rest of my life. hopefully you all know what I mean lol..