Tuesday 18 February 2014

Oral Hygiene

 Oral Hygiene

Few cultures around the world have good oral hygiene, woodlands people are one of those few. We kept our teeth well into 100 years old. Imagine being one of those first few settlers, coming from a society where a long life is 30 years of age, and seeing an old native guy or gal, sitting in the corner of a Wiigwaam in the middle of the forest claiming to be over 100 years old! Man, That would freak anyone out. then he/she smiles at you, with a full set of white adult teeth! I'd definitely be interested in how. 


There are 2 interesting addictions: 

Chewing sticks and Chewing resin gums

Chewing sticks were a common addiction among some of these special woodlands people. You use any tree/shrub branch that is fibrous, then you pound or chew the tip until the end is frayed and looks like a brush! It is then nibbled on all day. It is also used as a brush. Now, I said this was a common addiction because I'm sure a lot of you have this addiction as well. Where you thoroughly enjoy using your fingernail or something else sharp (toothpicks) to firmly press on your gums just to feel this really weird, good feeling pain. This is why chewing sticks are addicting, because of the way you use them to brush. The “pain” is from the bristles of the chewing stick that are are very stiff. 

Always brush from the top of your gums down, slowly.  Constant brushing this way will callous your gums tough. Constant brushing this way will assure your gums stay firmly hugging your teeth very low, to make sure your roots are never exposed, so your teeth never fall out! 

 I wonder why the dentists still tell us to brush horizontally?

It is an addiction, and because it is an addiction you tend to do it all day. The constant stimulation this provides the gums is therapeutic in itself! Also constant brushing is constantly clearing any plaque that has built up.

So by simply using chewing sticks, an addiction is fulfilled and a lifelong habit is formed (trust me it will) Your gums are sure to stay low, firmly hugging your teeth, and your gums are very tough and hard so you don't have to worry about your gums getting destroyed when your eating crunchy things. In a handful of cultures across the planet chewing sticks have been employed, and it is these and only these cultures that have been known to keep their teeth into being elderly. Just so you know the World Health Organization just recently publicly announced that oral hygiene is the third (and rising) leading cause of heart disease in Canada and the U.S. All it takes is a few good heart healthy habits to prevent this from EVER happening to you! 

Resin gums is the other reason for the oral hygiene of my ancestors. I want everyone to know this! 

In fact, the chewing gum you probably have in your mouth right now wouldn't be there if it wasn't for William Wrigleys observing the addicting spruce gum. He started his business in Maine slashing hectares of spruce trees, which yielded resins that he collected and put in spruce gum boxes to send back overseas to sell to the rich. 

Spruce gum boxes also changed the fashion world, tailors suddenly had to make pockets to hold these boxes in the overalls of lumberjacks (notice the giant square pocket on some overalls still today) 

Chewing this gum was such a fad in Europe, when lumberjacks would come overseas to work, the most romantic thing that you can do for your 'honey' back home is send her a spruce gum box. There are accounts that litter the internet of lumberjacks who died fighting for the most beautiful piece of resin. Some really are just like rubies! 

Okay now for another weird question that only some of you will completely understand: 
Does anyone ever just want to bite on something really hard? (I think this is the only reason why I like steak)  I get these cravings where I just want to chew on something really tough, its like my jaw muscles are craving a workout! Apparently it is a common desire for people to have! Much like spicy food. Its such an intense and normal desire for people get addicted to chewing on things that are not so easy to chew on. Spruce gum is pretty tough, and its a blast to be able to chew on it all day, if your feeling stressed just pop a spruce gum, and just crank your jaw and feel the cortisol fade away. 

Here's to all your hunters!

On average 80% of the scent you give off is from your mouth(I'm sure this number is much higher in the morning), to all you hunters out there this should perk your ears!

Spruce gum is anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-parasitic...I like to sum all of its qualities up in this: anti-EVERYTHING-BAD! Imagine craving to chew on something that will kill anything bad in your mouth, and leave all the good of your mouth perfectly intact (Probiotics, Prebiotics). When you chew spruce gum you are also preventing the build up of all bad bacteria's, and providing a constant supply of juices that will kill all bad bacteria's that build up throughout your entire digestive tract! Talk about HEALTHY!! We all should understand that our digestive systems should be good bacteria's, this is what really breaks all the food down, so much so that we are being coined "bacterio-sapiens." 

The result of a bad diet is bad gut bacteria, the result of taking anti-biotics is a stripped gut flora, allowing the buildup/infestation of bad bacteria now imagine swallowing the juices of this resin that will kill all the bad bacteria and allow the buildup of only the good bacteria! This should speak volumes to the "probiotic movement!" 

When your chewing these resins all day when you wake up the next day your mouth is so clean, scent free. Its outrageous how most of us will just live day to day waking up with a rancid, sticky, nasty, smelling mouth. Lets get addicted to some perfect things, lets get addicted to things that will cause us to be more healthy, lets start to develop a true appreciation for what has been created for us to heal, us! 



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